Steam for Linux has been out for a while.

How is it you ask? Certainly it works great already, even though there are some multilib dependencies unfortunately, but at least we got Steam, right?

Also, there are a couple of hits and misses in the Steam client, as they show up but are unplayable or uninstallable.
Make sure to bookmark the site, as this is usually more frequently updated than the official list on Steam (believe it!). I occasionaly help maintain this list also!

Related: I actually spent about 200 USD the past two months on Steam for Linux games. Haven’t played 3/4 of the games, and probably never will. But I feel the developers/publishers deserve to have their Linux versions sold as much as possible during the beta.
Though, I do hope that future games will be more non-indie - not that I dislike indie, not at all! - but I’d rather play a racing game for an hour or two, or do some ARPG’ing.

Something else

I made some changes to the design of the website, I hope you like it. I will try to update this page more frequently, not for your sake but my own.

I’ve recently uploaded some projects to github, to be sure to take a look at them, you might actually find them useful!

  • Snapper - This is my screenshotting/screencasting auto-tool!
  • DelugeAutotransfer - This is my autotransfer script for Deluge.

Legends of Aethereus

I recently bought Legends of Aethereus so I could try out the Linux Pre-Beta (I would’ve called it an alpha..). Which I unfortunately completed too fast, so I don’t really have much to do in the game until they update the Pre-Beta.
But I definately suggest trying this piece of work out, while the movement of NPCs and your character may feel a bit static, the concept is great and the melee mechanism is great, you actively have to parry and block (which is usually decided by a dice mechanism whether it is successful or not) - there are still a lot of room for improvements but this will turn out a great game. I’m sure of that.
It will also support 4 player co-op! YESSIR!

I’m so much looking forward to this!

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