The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where members of the Double Fine community and other adventure game fans come together to play and talk about the game currently being played (think of it as a book club for games). It’s entirely informal and everybody is welcome!
Today (might be yesterday, depending on where you are located. what?) I attended a Double Fine Game Club session, which was my first. And definitely a great experience and I hope to join up next time.
I always enjoy others playing slow-pace games rather than playing them myself - though I hardly recognize any of the games played at the Game Club, so I just read through the chat log while I’m enjoying someone else play a game.

Never really been a Point-and-Click kind of guy, and I must admit that I might not be as old as the other guys who hangs out at the Game Club.
But, don’t really think a play-through of DooM (I/II), Worms, Raptor, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure or Joe & Mac would spark the same discussions and interest as a slow-pace Point-and-Click, but at least they are the most influencial games from my childhood.

Anyhow Fireflower was playing Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel, while the game was quite soothing to watch, I had no earthly idea of what was going on in the game. Either Fireflower have practiced the game, or they are an autistic.

Also Josh Mandel from Sierra attended the IRC channel and was exposed to an extensive Q&A session from various members in the channel, which he thoroughly answered. It is nice to see this kind of involvement in the communities.

Long story short.
I’m doing this again!

Watching the feed without Flash

First of you need rtmpdump (I needed the newest build, because of missing functionality in earlier versions)

$ sudo emerge =media-video/rtmp-dump-9999

Then I got myself livestreamer

$ git clone
$ cd livestreamer
$ sudo python install
$ livestreamer -p mplayer best

That did it for me. Also, you should note that livestreamer won’t launch anything if the stream is not currently running.

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