On the 2013-05-15 we had our very first Single Player-type Event for SteamLUG - cannot say that it was an overall succes, but it didn’t go too bad though.
I planned for people to play along with me, while I was streaming to twitch. But I didn’t get the feeling that anyone else was playing - or was much active on Mumble for that matter.

But, I managed to play through 1 hour of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was a mixed experience; I’m not really into the gamestyle at all, but Amnesia really managed to fully immerse me in the game - I felt like I was lost inside a castle or whatever it was. It’s a rare feeling and much appreciated.
I will plan to play through 1 hour more of Amnesia at some point later, at another SteamLUG Event.

Though, as this is also new to me - I have to figure out a couple of things:

  • Streaming to Twitch.TV
    • I need to figure out how to seperate sound and only stream the game.
    • I also need to figure out why I didn’t transmit sounds at all.
  • The concept
    • Is this a viable concept, playing through single-player games, with a multitude of people on Mumble?
    • How do I manage to get more people active during the Event?
    • Does FPS’ work, or would the concept better fit other titles?
  • The future
    • Which games should be planned for the future?
    • Should we play through one game first, then start up a new one? (Similar to Double Fine Game Club)

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